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About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to Oakwood Farms! The farm was started by Kevin and Landi TenKley. After selling their grass fed beef herd and relocating to South Dakota we made it our sole mission to start a farm where locals could purchase quality pasture raised meats. We both grew up in a farming environment and enjoy everything being a farmer can offer. We hope to provide quality products to our customers as well as be a good steward for the animals and the land. Oakwood Farms offers pasture raised Yorkshire/Berkshire cross pork and homegrown beef. 

Mission and Aspirations

An Environmental and Natural Farm

We believe that natural and fresh food is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to grow quality, nutritious meats, while engaging with the communities of South Dakota. We also promote sustainable and socially responsible farming by using the most environmentally friendly growing techniques. Learn more about our work process by contacting us.

Our History

Where It All Began

Oakwood Farms founders Kevin and Landi originally started with a grass fed beef operation in 2020 in their hometown Lynden WA under the name TenKley Farms. After relocating to South Dakota in 2022 they decided to purchase more beef animals and expand into raising pastured pork. Oakwood Farms is excited to expand its herd in 2023 and provide for the local communities and beyond. 

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